5 open-air living spaces that stay true to nature

Bringing living spaces to the outdoors has become more and more popular over the years. It’s a great way to mix nature and modern home comforts. However, some spaces are so focused on modern comfort that the outer elements are almost lost. If you prefer a more organic theme in your outdoor living spaces, we have put together some simple ways to create an outdoor relaxing atmosphere that does not compromise nature.

Tree design

This highly creative outdoor living space keeps nature incorporating a bare tree motif. The tree also serves as a place to hang lanterns, adding to the rustic atmosphere of the space. Floor lanterns contribute to this ambient lighting. Small touches like the plants on the table add touches of color. In addition, a palette of light colors in the wooden floor, outdoor furniture and roof matches the bare tree and allows it to stand out.

Lining with plant life

Another idea for outdoor living spaces is to surround the plant living space. That’s what the focus area does on the picture above, and the result is breathtaking. People can sit and enjoy the elemental fire sensation while surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

Without plant life, stonework alone would have made space too bare and modern. This concept also applies to outdoor dining areas, lounges and outdoor kitchens; By surrounding these areas of plant life, we are very close to nature.

Garden rest areas

Everything about the space above screams “fun and artistic”. It shows how you can combine comfortable seating with the surrounding plant life. The sinuous design makes the bench appear to be part of the garden itself; as a bonus, it also creates a visual interest.

What makes the space bright are the bright footrests, cushion piping and cushions. These elements allow human contact within the natural landscape, mixing the inside and the outside. However, the colors on the cushions are not displaced: they correspond to other elements of the space, like the pink plants, the yellow flowerpot and the greenery itself.

Aquatic elements for outdoor living spaces

A great way to keep the outdoor living areas looking natural is to place a pool of water right next to an outdoor sitting area. Kiosks or eating areas become instantly more relaxing if they overlook a pond.

Surrounding your water park with trees and other plants makes it feel like part of the landscape, making the area even more natural.

Natural alleys

Paths that lead from the house to the space itself are often neglected in outdoor living spaces, but they can also contribute to your natural ambience. The realistic log railings are a way to help the bridge not to encroach on the surrounding natural space. You can also consider such a design when you align the outdoor living space.

Rustic stone stairs are another easy way to add to the natural feel, especially if you complete them with stone accent elements. And do not forget lighting: you can use lighting to accentuate your stairs or walkways and protect the places at night.

Have you looked for ways to merge modern sensibilities with an organic and natural vibe? Maybe one of the ideas above interests you. If you are ready to rearrange your outdoor living space, we would like to know your plans below.



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