5 Wallpaper ideas worthy of Swoon

Decorating with wallpaper is back in our creative toolbox. We love new models and new colors. This is not the paper we hurry to cover or remove when we buy a house. The main trends in wallpaper include graphic patterns, large-scale floral designs and metallic accents. In addition to the exciting new selection of colors and patterns, temporary wallpaper is now available at most major retailers. This means that there is an option for every home or rental. Here are some of our favorite ways to use wallpaper:

1. Create a great home office

Even if your home office needs to be functional, do not neglect to make it so attractive. The main wallpaper patterns in a workspace have simple color palettes and geometric lines that draw interest without being too busy. The perfect choice for your home office is a paper with colors and patterns that will make you feel good every time you walk through the door, inviting you to linger and work.

2. Use the wallpaper as art

Can the wallpaper be considered an art? Yes! Look for wall-style patterns with large images and colorful patterns. Bold colors and images can add the amount of pattern needed to a minimalist piece without overwhelming it.

3. Set a tiny space

Wallpaper is a smart option to claim a small space in your home. A neglected corner or niche becomes a useful space when you define it with a pattern and a color. Your new claimed space can become a small dining area, workspace or reading area in one afternoon with cool walls and some new decorative elements.

4. Add texture in a neutral room

Neutral and monochrome pieces can be so soothing, but after a while, you may be ready to add drama to your space. When your goal is to update your home decor without completely changing the color palette or furniture, you can add neutral or patterned wallpaper. Choose your existing color scheme and focus on the pattern and texture to make a difference. The texture of your wallpaper may have an organic feel, like a fleece, or a tone-on-tone pattern that can give the illusion of texture.

5. Create an accent wall

When your space needs a focal point, painting an accent wall is a simple solution. Before you reach this brush, first check the wallpaper options. By choosing a model with a colored palette or a geometric pattern, you increase the impact of your accent wall. If you’re having trouble creating a refined style in your home, adding a stylish wallpaper accent can create a unifying element for a mismatched decor and transform an entire room with a single wall. Your home, your living room, and your bedroom are just a few of the spaces that can have a touch of color and pattern.

How did you use wallpaper at home? We would like to hear about it below.


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