5 Steps to Create the Perfect Home Office


Your home is your castle, but if you frequently take home work home, it’s also the central command post of your business or a secondary workplace. In the latter case, there may not be much information on the appearance of office (or small room) at work. However, as the king or queen of your castle, you can design and decorate your home based on your strict specifications. These are clues to keep in mind when building a perfect home office.

Choose carefully

When choosing the location of your home office, please consider noise and traffic factors. For example, if the office is close to the street, pedestrians and drivers may be heard. Also consider the traffic volume at home. If you plan to work in your office while the rest of the family is at home, putting it near the kitchen, bathroom or family room may have many visitors.

On the other hand, if you have small children, it may be best to place an office where you can turn around and turn their eyes on them.

Consider a minimalist approach

Justin Klosky, OCD CEO and co-founder experience (organize and create discipline), “The trend is coming, but irrespective of Pantone Color of the Year my eternal favorite trend is minimal It is an aesthetic feeling, keeping your desk space clean, helping to distinguish your head, bringing productivity difference here or there, so that it does not disturb the personality.

In fact, Mariko Baerg, a real estate agent in Bridgewell Real Estate Group in Vancouver says he is looking at the trend of this approach. “There is a transition to a minimal space that focuses only on essential parts, such as laptops, wireless printers / scanners, desks, cabinets.

Cut the code (or at least hide them)

Wireless printers and scanners are one way to obscure those ugly wires and reduce the possibility of getting over them. Klosky recommends 2-in-1 laptop combined with wireless rechargeable mat, wireless keyboard and thunder dock when dual display is required. However, if you do not have a wireless device, you can make 99% of the wire invisible. “With a clever combination of PVC pipes, Velcro, and Zip ties, we can set the power supply under the desk or outside our eyes.”

Avoid paper disturbance

Do you really need to keep all of those documents? Klosky advises readers to become paperless. “Goodbye rolodex and planner – By digitizing the address book and bringing the calendar online, your network will literally be placed on your fingertips while you are at work while you are on the move.” By recycling You can also scan and shred documents to prevent further use of the paper and save the planet.

Become green

This study leaving the kitchen functions as a family control center. Children work on computer in empty space, not in room. Green linoleum covers the desk for a durable and cleanable surface. The cabinet was specially made for that space. Working at home is better than being in a sturdy office building but you are still indoors. But green can help you bring it outdoors. “Plants, for example, bring important sources of life and color to every room,” Klosky says. Mr. Baerg agrees that this is the trend we see at home office. “Plants and green wall accents are getting popular because we are usually watching computer screens and mobile phones, the green part is easy to see and connections with nature It helps to feel deeper.

What is your favorite home office trend?


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