Decorate a new house? Here are 5 resolutions that you should adopt after a move

The moving process can be quite tedious. If you sell, organizing your home so that someone falls in love with it and buys it is a job in itself. Then you have to pack and empty your old home. And then there is the move, unpack and decorate a new house. Many movers feel that they will never move or at least install their homes differently next time. Here are five moving moments “aha!” And the lessons they provide to decorate a new home better and more easily next time.

1. Some things you have packed (and worn) should have been left behind

The most common realization during the moving process is that you have a lot more than you thought. And honestly, how much have you used it recently? Many movers eventually realized that a sizeable percentage of what they had paid for moving should have remained. Moving it was a waste of time, effort and money. It’s time to eliminate the clutter, even if you do not intend to move quickly. You will feel better with the space you earn and you will be ready when you put your things away.

Resolution: Packaging and purging are two different tasks. Trying to erase during the packaging process is far too much work in a short time. Start the change process at least two months before your move. Take one piece at a time and decide what will be thrown, recycled or donated. That way, when it’s time to pack your bags, you’ll have less to handle.

2. Some furniture in the old house may not be suitable for the new location

One of the common problems when moving furniture from one place to another is that the scale or style of the main rooms does not work in the new location. You can have a garage sale and give practically coins, then have to spend money for new ones – or you can shop smart next time.

Resolution: Your main pieces of furniture should be classic in style, neutral in color and as modular as possible. Look for sofas or modular sofas that can be separated into smaller pieces or enlarged into larger ones if needed, such as the West Elm Tillary Collection. And once you’ve moved in, invest in daring or colorful accent pieces to give your classic and neutral furniture a boost. It’s much cheaper to buy graphic cushions or a rug than to replace a sofa that is too specific to its style.

3. Heavy furniture makes moving and remodeling more difficult

It was a fact that the heavier the furniture, the better the quality. But this is no longer the case, thanks to advances in manufacturing and materials. And once you have to carry your heavy giant sofa by a few steps, you may not like it as much as in the past.

Resolution: Consider the weight of the furniture before buying. Look for well-built pieces with lightweight materials. Better yet, consider buying easy-to-break furniture, or even flat bags, like these, to save you time and money on your next move. Even if you do not plan to move, light furniture makes it easy to arrange or clean around.

4. You liked the home staging of your old place so much that you planned to stay

Have you fallen in love with your old home again after the house wizard worked his magic? You’re not alone. What is the secret of the beauty of your home after sale? Simplification and some applied design principles.

Resolution: when decorating a new home, set it up to look like a model home – and live that way every day That means there’s no clutter, everything is tidy and every room has the right touch of accessories and colors. Burn scented candles and enjoy your home! And when the slump settles, rearrange your furniture and accessories. Refreshing your space every two or three months can do wonders for the energy of the room.

5. Paint and decorate right away or it will not happen

Let’s be honest. If you have moved in the last two years, you probably have boxes that you have not yet unpacked. Or home renovation projects that you wanted to tackle without ever starting. You have to hit while the iron is hot and before you get used to the daily routine.

Resolution: The decoration of a new house must be immediate. If you wish to carry out projects, such as improving lighting, painting or replacing flooring, do them before you settle in or just in time. It is much easier to get the messier projects like paint and flooring before you arrive, but if you can not do them in advance, make it a priority when you move in. Unpack all the boxes as soon as possible. And if you’re exhausted and think about painting the living room in a hint of spice pumpkin, paint a single focal wall of that color. You will not be surprised what a bold wall can do for a room.

Have you moved recently? We would like to hear what you have learned about your move and how you will approach the decoration of a new home.

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