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Like closets and garages, kitchen pantries are one of those once-hidden rooms that now play an important role in the home. “The pantry has become one of the most sought and needed storage items in today’s kitchens, especially for homeowners who make many wholesale purchases from warehouses,” says Dan DiClerico. , homeAdvisor’s home expert. So, how much should you expect to pay to trap your pantry? “In terms of budget, a large pantry could cost about as much as a well-appointed dressing room, which is around $ 1,500 according to Homeconseiller’s True Cost Guide,” DiClerico told Freshome. “Self-contained pantries can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, which is good for homeowners on a budget.” Here are some of the trends in kitchen pantries.

Entrance hall

“We’re seeing more and more homeowners converting a hall closet or extra bathroom into an integrated pantry with built-in shelves, recycling bins and even a charging station for phones, laptops and laptops. other electronic devices, “says DiClerico. This is a great way to maximize underutilized space in your home. In addition, the retractable door does not occupy a valuable space.

Barn door

Open shelves create a clean, spacious look in kitchen cabinets and can help you locate items quickly. “A sliding barn door, in keeping with the farm look that is so popular right now, could be the finishing touch,” says DiClerico. This unconventional design offers character and functionality.

All-purpose pantry

Jonathan Self, real estate broker for the Coast Realty Center in Chicago, advises homeowners to be creative about storage options. “Susan-style shelves that rotate in a circle are a great way to maximize the hard-to-use corner space.”

Built-In Pantry

If your pantry is small, you will really have to maximize the space. When open, this built-in wall-mounted larder is very versatile. “Gather all dry goods, cans, bottles and other ships,” says Nicola Croughan, interior stylist at Blinds Direct in the UK.

Family room

This pantry does not only store food products. It’s also a place to hang children’s artwork, hide your busy schedule and even store your mail and keys, keeping your kitchen tidy. “Keep all dried herbs and spices together and labeled for a clean, colorful effect, and use baskets to hold pasta, rice, oats, etc.,” says Croughan.

Elegant pantry

A good pantry solves the problem of clutter – and for those who do not like small appliances on the counter, it removes them. This cabinet does both so you can display your beautiful porcelain, not your blender, coffee maker, spices and oils.

Butler Pantry

Carla Phillips, a Melbourne-based interior designer from Australia, tells Freshome that the latest pantry trend is the butler’s pantry. “The pantry must work well and be a seamless extension of the kitchen,” she says. The pantry of this elegant butler includes a sink and a built-in chandelier.


Phillips also recommends including a countertop in the pantry for bread, cereals, coffee, etc. This trendy pantry, with its flat panel cabinets and folding doors, contains everything you need in one place.

Are you inspired by any of the above pantry ideas? We would like to hear about it below!

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