Small Bathroom Vanities that Take Back Your Space

It is not because your bathroom lacks space that it can not be functional. You simply need to find clever and space-saving ways to put it down. In most bathrooms, the sink is often too big and lacks storage. Take back some of your small bathroom. Replace obsolete old cabinets with one of these small modern vanities.
Small wall vanities

One of the best ways to open the flow of a small bathroom is to fix your bath vanity to the wall. Add baskets or boxes underneath the vanity for extra storage. Or, you can also leave the space open for a clean, minimalist feel. Mounting a small bathroom vanity on the wall takes a little more work – the vanity needs to be anchored to the wall studs – but the extra effort may be worth it for a clean, contemporary look.

Small bathroom vanities with storage

Adding storage in a small bathroom is one of the best ways to hide clutter. This also creates a visually larger and larger bathroom. These small bathroom vanities feature smart drawers and shelves that use every square inch of furniture.

Pedestal washbasins

If storage is not a problem, a small pedestal sink can be the perfect upgrade. They are ideal in a guest bathroom where a statement stand can make the room memorable. Discover these pedestal sinks with amazing architecture.

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