Things I Wish I’d Known Before Building a House

What began as a lazy Saturday afternoon in search of model homes quickly turned into a large-scale residential construction project. That’s how my husband and I went from a pair of onlookers to building our own house over the course of a year. It’s a funny story to tell as we chat with friends and family. During the process, however, it was another story. The decline, of course, is 20/20. When we started our construction, we were naive and had all the energy in the world, but that did not spare us the pitfalls of building a house. Would I change the experience? Of course not. Would I change the number of linen closets at home? Absolutely. After a decade of living in our custom built home, there are definitely some things I would like to know when we build. Here are 10 things you can learn from my experience in the hope that your building goes a little smoother.

Finish before moving in

This may seem like an obvious tip, but when you approach the end of a long construction, you are ready to move in. Plans to finish the basement or landscaping of your backyard seem less important if they hold up. your moving date. But I wish we had finished everything before moving in, because it took years for these last elements to be completed. If you already have contractors on site, it is much easier to finish projects now than to pay them back later. Keep your resolution and do all these small jobs before your first night at home.

Sweat Equity is the king

My husband loves to tell customers that I am sealing our tiling nine months pregnant with our first baby. At the time, I thought it was a cruel and unusual punishment, but I am now happy about the sweat equity we put at home. It was not just a money-saving tactic; Sweat Equity also helped move the process forward faster. Instead of waiting for contractors to adapt to the schedule, we were able to get our hands dirty and take care of some of the work ourselves. Leave some things to the experts (no plumbing, please), but do not be afraid to participate and help where you can.

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